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FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Team 5076: Stormbots is a robotics team from J. Clarke Richardson Collegiate. FRC provides students with interdisciplinary hands-on experience in the engineering process, mechanical and electrical systems, programming, community outreach and leadership. 

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Stormbots is made up of dedicated, determined and hardworking students who spend countless hours working tirelessly for the team. They have encountered many challenges along the way but have always come out strong and successful.

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Initiated by a proposal from a grade 9 student in the fall of 2013, Stormbots competed in their first ever regional competition in Toronto in February 2014 and were able to come out victorious, qualifying to go to the World Championships in St. Louis, Missouri in April 2014. That year, they placed in the top 7% of all participating teams around the world. As the team continues to grow and learn, they are looking forward to many more successful build seasons and learning experiences along the way.


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